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Hamid Ladjevardi

Hamid LadjevardiHamid Ladjevardi is chairman of American Baltic Investments that seeks to identify, develop, and arrange capital for investments in targeted projects in the Baltic countries. He is an advisory board member of the non-profit organization, Latvian Foster Family Society, where he has been active in expanding the operating capacity of the Society for rendering its charitable services with a focus on the work of foster families and guardians in promoting the welfare of orphans and other children left without parental care. Furthermore, it strives to help increase awareness of the benefits of de-institutionalizing of childcare in Latvia.

Prior to this, he was co-founder and manager of the general partner of Baltic Fund 1, L.P., which was the first and longest running private equity fund in the Baltics, that was established in 1994. He has been actively involved in investment projects in the Baltic States since late 1991.

Prior to co-founding the Fund, Hamid Ladjevardi was Vice President of Morgan Stanley & Company, Inc., where he was a portfolio manager and market advisor for 12 years.

Hamid Ladjevardi previously held senior management positions at the Behshahr Industrial Group in Iran, one of the largest and most diverse private sector groups of enterprises in that country, which his family managed and controlled.

Together with his brother, Mr. Ladjevardi started creating the Behshahr art collection in 1974, which was one of the most highly regarded contemporary Iranian art collection by the art community in Iran.

Mr. Ladjevardi is a co-founder of the American Foundation for Contemporary Iranian Art, a non-profit organization for promotion of contemporary Iranian art in the U.S., which has organized contemporary Iranian art exhibitions in New York, Houston, Boston and Los Angeles.

He conceived and organized the world premiere touring Baltic Art Exhibition in the United States for which he was awarded the annual prize from the Latvian Artists Union and Cultural Capital Foundation of Latvia for the Best International Project of the year 2000. For the celebration of the 21st anniversary of the declaration of re-independence of The Republic of Latvia in 2012, he conceived and organized, with the collaboration of others, the Important Contemporary Artists of Latvia Exhibition which was exhibited in New York, the Latvian embassy in Washington D.C., the Driehaus Museum in Chicago and Latvian National Museum in Riga. He was a trustee of the Zimmerli Art Museum of New Jersey, which has the largest collection of non-conformist Soviet and Baltic art in the world.

A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, Hamid Ladjevardi received Bachelor of Arts degrees in economics and political science and then went on to receive his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. Hamid Ladjevardi is Co-Chairman of the U.S.-Baltic Foundation, which promotes democracy, free markets, investments, and cultural exchange with the Baltic States. He is a board member of a U.S. based non-profit organization, The Kids First Fund, which is dedicated to supporting the needs of kids that are physically and sexually abused, abandoned or neglected in Latvia and Moldova.