AFCIA | Mission

The American Foundation for Contemporary Iranian Art (AFCIA) is dedicated to promoting and supporting contemporary Iranian art. Although some Iranian artists are now recognized internationally, many artists of the same level of talent have not had the opportunity to get the exposure and recognition they deserve.

Our mission includes the following:

• Promote and develop a market for the work of Iranian artists in the United States

• Exhibit their work in galleries, museums, cultural centers, and art institutions in the United States

• Provide scholarships and grants to study and develop in the United States

• Open a dialogue between Iranian and American artists through exchange programs and exhibitions

• Explore new venues to introduce their art to the American public, including lectures, books, exhibitions, and social media

• Partner with United States organizations to present contemporary Iranian art as a means to raise awareness in the United States about Iranian culture and society

• Provide grants to other charitable organizations for the purpose of supporting and enhancing contemporary Iranian art

To accomplish its mission, AFCIA will engage in the following activities:

• Organize a diverse network of individuals interested in supporting contemporary Iranian art and culture.

• Sponsor and organize high quality, well-publicized presentations, and exhibitions of contemporary Iranian art in U.S.

• Publish and distribute newsletters and other materials, such as books, blogs, and articles

• Provide scholarships and grants to Iranian artists to study in the United States or outside Iran.

• Facilitate communication and exchanges between art administrators such as museum officials, gallery directors and cultural representatives in Iran and the U.S.

AFCIA will be funded by contributions from private individuals, corporations, and foundations. AFCIA is registered as a non-profit organization in Los Angeles, CA. It has been approved as a 501 (c) (3) organization by IRS. All contributions to AFCIA are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

The contribution for tax purposes is limited to the amount that exceeds the value of any goods and services of benefit to the donor. The American Foundation for Contemporary Iranian Art (AFCIA) is recognized as a tax-exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service. It is the policy of AFCIA that a portion of gifts is used to defray the costs of administering the funds.